IP Glossary: C

The Division of the High Court of Justice that hears and determines intellectual property cases.
The rules and practice of the Senior Courts and County Court of England and Wales.
Numbered paragraphs at the end of a specification which sets out the features of the invention.
Community Design
The right to prevent others from using a registered Community design or an unregistered Community design conferred by the Community Design Regulation.
Community Design Regulation
A person who receives information in confidence.
An obligation owed by a confidante to a confider neither to use nor disclose confidential information without the confider’s consent.
Confidential Information
Information disclosed to a confidante by a confider in confidence.
A person who discloses information to a confidante in confidence.
An IPR. The right to prevent others from copying, publishing, renting, lending or otherwise making available or adapting a copyright work without the licence of the copyright owner.
A codification of copyright, rights in performances and design right law in the UK together with substantial amendments to the Registered Designs Act 1949 and other matters.
Copyright work
A work in which copyright subsists such as an original artistic, dramatic, literary or musical work, broadcast, film, sound recording or typographical arrangement of a published edition.
A contribution assessed by the court to the legal fees and other expenses that a party incurs in bringing or defending proceedings
Trade mark infringement on an industrial scale.
Court of Justice of the European Union (“CJEU”)
A court established by the EU treaties to determine points of EU law. Formerly known as the European Court of Justice (“ECJ”).
The provisions of the CPR dealing with IP proceedings,
In the context of copyright and rights related to copyright, literary and artistic works in the widest sense including performances by actors, musicians, singers and dancers.   Literary works include computer programs, databases and directories. Artistic works include the applied arts and design as well as films and sound recordings.

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