Technology Law

23 May 2017

This area of the law covers legal issues that arise from the development and use of modern technologies such as additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, blockchain, computing, e-commerce, fintech, green technology, medical devices, robotics, self-driving vehicles, space and telecommunications. Many of those issues are transactional, others are regulatory and some arise in tort.

Technology lawyers advise on, negotiate, draft and review contracts and other legal instruments relating to those technologies including:
  • Computer supply contracts (end user licence agreements, hardware, software development and maintenance and source code escrow);
  • Joint venture agreements with universities and the NHS; 
  • Patent, trade mark, design right and other IP licences and assignments and other technology transfer agreements; and
  • Terms and conditions, privacy codes and website access terms.
Such lawyers also advise on regulatory issues relating to broadcasting, telecommunications, processing of personal data, the manufacture and sale of medical devices and pharmaceuticals and represent clients before specialist tribunals.

They also advise and represent parties before the Technology and Construction Court in disputes relating to engineering, the design, supply and installation of computers, computer software, telecommunications networks and other cases falling within that Court’s jurisdiction.

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