ADR Seminar Leeds 10 May: Bar Council will give 2.5 hours CPD Point

I am glad to say that Cordelia Lean of the Bar Council will allow 2 hours and 30 minutes CPD points to any barrister who attends our seminar at BPP Law School in Leeds on 10 May 2006.

IPCEX has not yet had time to apply to the Law Society, ITMA or CIPA for CPD accreditation but I think that those professions also offer ad hoc accreditation. Check the Law Society's FAQ.

We are now close to bursting point. I have to decide whether or not to look for more space in another building so I really do need to know who is coming in good time.


Jeremy said…
Hi John

Thanks for the LinkedIn email! I have to ask though, how on earth did you find me there?

If you need anything just drop me a line. Cheers, Jeremy Collins
Peter Back said…

Just to say thanks for the opportunity to speak at your seminar about the new Patent Office Mediation Service. I would welcome the opportunity of a repeat when the service has been in existence for a little longer.

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