Seminar ""Protecting your Intellectual Property in China" Liverpool, 14 Sep 2006

I appreciate that this is still a minority view but I believe that China stands very much where the USA stood before 1917 and the USA stands where the British empire stood at the time of the Boer war. That reality was brought home forcefully to me at the WIPO Arbitration & Mediation Centre meeting in Geneva last October when Francis Gurry, who also has responsibilities for the administration of the PCT, said that on present trends the bulk of the world's new technical literature will be in Mandarin or some other North Asian language within a very short time. If that is right everyone needs to take an interest in what's happening in China.

In this regard IPCEX (the IP Centre of Excellence) is organizing a free seminar entitled "Protecting your Intellectual Property in China" courtesy of its newest member, Kirwans of Liverpool, at 4pm on 14 September 2006 in The Boardroom, Martins Building, Water Street, Liverpool L2 3SX. I shall be chairing the seminar and my speakers include

Lastly, and definitely least, I shall be talking about IPR enforcement which will cover not just remedies available in this country against copies of outsourced products turning up in Bury market (of which I like many IP counsel have had probably far too much experience) but also arbitration and mediation and possibly even (as a very last resort) the feasibility of remedies under bilateral investment treaties through ICSID.

This seminar is free, ladies and gents, so there is no need to count the pennies. In fact you will probably get a cup of tea, a buttie and possibly even a glass of vino from our host, Kirwans commercial partner, Mr Michael Sandys, if he is feeling generous. If you want to come, please call Marianne Tuck on 0151 229 5600. The Martins Building is very central close to Moorfields and James Street tube stations (yes, Southerners, Liverpool does have an underground) and not far from the new NCP car park near the new civil and family courts at Moorfields.


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