Barnsley: Talk Digital Media Centre 10:30 Wednesday 11 June 2008

I am giving an introductory talk on Intellectual Property to the Barnsley Digital Media Centre pictured above at 10:30 tomorrow. Call in if you happen to be in the area. It is free and the Jane Townsend of the Centre promises us some very nice cakes with our morning coffee. Also with me will be my friend Professor Ron Jones of Horizon Ceramics who is doing great things at the Advanced Manufacturing Centre at Catcliffe near Sheffield.

Barnsley is a surprising place. A short walk from the Centre is Pollyanna which is really droolworthy (I think I've just invented a word - let's see if the Oxford Dictionary picks it up in 20 years time). Pollyana also has a very pleasant cafe.
If the seminar goes well we shall try to set up a regular Barnsley IP Clinic like the ones we run in Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield. So look forward to seeing you tomorrow. As you can see from the photo above, there is always plenty of parking.


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