Bye Bye Robin Jacob

Lord Justice Jacob will retire from the Court of Appeal to take up the Hugh Laddie Chair at University College London (see "Sir Robin Jacob to lead IP Law at UCL").

In accordance with tradition, valedictory speeches will be offered in the Lord Chief Justice's Court at 09:45 tomorrow, 21 March 2011.

He was not one of my easiest tribunals but he was one that I respected more than most. A very powerful intellect, one of our best jurists, I wish him well.

I invite all my readers who can reach London easily tomorrow morning to attend his valedictory if they possibly can. I invite everybody to contribute to fund the Institute of Brand and Innovation Law.


Hi Jane,

I can only envy your acquaintance with Sir Robin!

I remember that I broadly cited his decision in Aerotel as well as his 4 steps test in one of the last exams I took at Queen Mary.

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