Brexit Briefing - March 2018

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Jane Lambert

March's Brexit Briefing which I published today in NIPC Brexit discussed the draft withdrawal agreement contemplated by art 50 (2) and the guidelines for negptiations on the future relationship between the UK and EU provided by the European Council and the European Parliament.

While welcoming the progress that has been made to date I warn that nothing is agreed until everything is agreed and that there are plenty of things that can go wrong between now and Brexit day/  It is quite possible that the EU treaties will fall away on 29 March 2019 without anything taking their place.  Even though the government has assured them of a period of stability between that day and 31 Dec 2020, my advice to businesses on both sides of the English Channel and Irish border is to continue to plan for the worst (that is to say, no agreement at all) as well as hoping for the best.

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