Patents: Miles Rees's Talk Uploaded

The excellent presentation that Miles Rees of the Patent Office to Sheffield Inventors' Club on Monday has now been uploaded to the Club's website together with a lot of other information including the names and contact details of 8 new service provider members.

Miles didn't get round to make the announcement trailed to him on Saturday. However, it looks as though his management were serious. He complained to me today that he had been asked questions about the Patents Court move to Wales by his senior management and the setting up of a special Intellectual Property Division or Chamber of the new UK Supreme Court on the lines of the proposed IP Chamber to the ECJ should the Community patent ever get off the ground (see "Proposal for a Council Decision conferring jurisdiction on the Court of Justice in disputes relating to the Community patent"). Perhaps we have stumbled on something that is really going to happen.

Remember you read it here first.


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