What I have been doing over the Last Two Weeks

In case anyone has been wondering why I have not added anything to the blog since 8 April 2006 it is because I have been working on my chambers website. I have added a lot of new material and integrated it with the IP/IT Update, Huddersfield Intellectual Property and Huddersfield, Liverpool and Sheffield Inventors' sites. It is less a vanity site (if indeed it ever was) and more of a portal to a range of resources in intellectual property aimed primarily at SME and their professional advisors in Northern England and North Wales.

Two new sub-webs which took most of the time is the indexing and uploading of many of the slides and notes of the presentations and also many of the newsletters, guidance notes and other publications that these chambers have published since 1996. Presentations are indexed by date, speaker and topic and publications by date and type. It is amazing how much we have done over the last 9 years and we have left out most of the Y2K, EMU and Woolf stuff.

Since a set of chambers is not a corporate entity but a collection of individual service providers I have linked through to individual members' sites. I have also put links to useful services offered by other people such as inventors clubs, patent libraries, patent clinics and IPCEX. I am toying with the idea of panels of recommended solicitors and patent and trade mark agents but have decided against it for the time being for marketing reasons. The people who get my referrals know who they are. The only exception is that I have a link to Toni Tease who has a similar practice to mine in a small town in Montana and I recommend her without hesitation because she offers very good service. I will probably add other US and foreign lawyers and patent agents later. I have also featured some of our special services such as ADR and Arbitration, domain name dispute resolution and training as well as our popular supervising solicitors panel and forthcoming events pages.

In case folk get lost we have a navigation page which is accessible from most parts of the site. Our phone number and Skype links are everywhere. For the future, I am still experimenting with podcasting and avatars and I will try that out with one of my presentations later.


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