China: IP China 2007 29-30 Nov 2007

I have just received an invitation to what appears to be a very interesting conference in Beijing at the end of this month. Not quite enough notice for me, I'm afraid, but here are the details it in case others closer to China can attend.

The programme includes discussion on:
  • dispute resolution led by the IP manager of Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. between 10:30 and 12:00 on 29 Nov
  • financing of intellectual property rights for enterprises: patent pledging; patent capitalization; patent securitization by someone from Liancheng Assets Appraisal Firm between 16:30 and 17:40 on the same day; and
  • speeches from various senior government and IP office officials the next morning.

Attendance is apparently limited to 300 and the vent will take place at the Beijing Xinyuan Hotel. The fee seems ridiculously cheap if I have cut and pasted the information correctly or the email is right - USD150.00 or less than £75 in real money - that's a fraction of what UK conference organizers like CLT charge to hear folk like me talk at their IT law conference in London on 4 Feb 2008. Anyone interested should email his name, email address, telephone number and name of chambers, firm or company to before they change their mind. If anyone turns up to this talk I should be interested in the review. The BSB might even give CPD points.


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