Not even the Taliban stooped this low

This is an intellectual property blog not a political one. I do have religious and political views but I generally keep them out of here. However, photographs of armed thugs beating up lawyers (many of whom I am likely to know) and bundling them into paddy wagons is an outrage that demands a departure from political neutrality.

The failure of our government and that of the USA, France, Germany, Canada, Japan and just about every right thinking country immediately to sever diplomatic relations and impose economic sanctions at least as stringent as those contemplated for Iran against a pathetic litigant who attacks his judges in a case that is about to go against him is nothing short of scandalous.

If Jonathan Edwards really wants to know why so many of our young people are receptive to subversive propaganda, our tolerance and indeed support of oppressive regimes in the Islamic world like this one on the ground that it is an ally in the so called "war on terror" should give him a clue.

Comments said…
It is ridiculously pathetic. The politicians with leverage all seem blind and useless over whats really going on. Most young people are passionate about things and this blatant idiotic hypocricy is far from a good example by the west, serving only to fan the flames of Religious fundamentalism. Newsweek says the most dangerous place in the world is not Iraq, how very true. This Passiveness has nothing to do with the nation being a Nuclear Power and therefore deserving respect. How foolish for any one of them to think Gen Musharaff would actually dare to use one of his Nukes on GB or US...
No, the story is if there was oil or gold/ diamonds or the like at risk, they would all be frantically rushing about like rabid puppets. Right now they don't hav a clue which proves more why they shouldnt be our leaders in the first place. And so they think they can win against terrorism,with such a febble minded attitude,really, what are you fighting: flies perhaps. Probably Abdulla of Saudi was being generous...I don't like him, but the war agaisnt terror may take much much longer than 20-30 yrs to 'suppress' with this calibre of politicians wasting valuable oxygen!

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