Northern Intellectual Property Review

Between 1997 and 2001 we published a number of newsletters which won a lot of praise.   They even earned me and my tenants a few free lunches with the likes of Hobson Audley (now Faegre & Benson), Wragge & Co and Allen & Overy. We played around with several titles but the one that stuck was the Northern Intellectual Property Review. That reflected the focus on IP, technology, media and entertainment issues affecting mainly small businesses outside London.

Although it was successful professionally it was a disaster financially and I had to abandon it when we merged with Kingsgate.   

Since then Web 2.0 publishing technology has been developed which reduces considerably the cost of low volume print runs and of course many subscribers will now accept publications over the Internet in pdf format.  I have done some more research and costings and believe that with the help of other IP practitioners I can revive the journal.   I am therefore looking for material to publish. 

Since my focus is still on SME as it was 10 years ago I am looking for articles and case that are useful for, or at least useful, for them. The ideal length is about 2,000 words submitted as a Word attachment.    I would like to publish the first issue in the first quarter of next year so I would ask for contributions before the end of the year.

I am really quite excited about this project.


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