Bmedi@ Third Thursday 19 Jan 2006 - "IP for BM-all that a Bmedi@ Member or its Client needs to know about Intellectual Property at the Outset"

According to Bmedi@ Superwoman Steph Aldred we have "a good list of attendance" for the talk on intellectual property in branding and design that Lucas Bateman, Janet Bray, Ian Lewis and I intend to give between 17:30 and 20:00 next Thursday evening at the Bradford Business and Innovation Centre, but I am sure that if you call her on +44 (0)1274 841326 and talk to her very nicely or email her on she might just see her way to letting you in.

If you join Bmedi@ which costs only £50 per year + VAT you can get in for nothing. If not, Steph will charge you £15 and considering that she will throw in all the pizza you can eat and all the wine you can quaff as well as hear pearls of wisdom from my guests that is pretty good value.

If you want to know of any of the other events in which we are involved, click on to the "Events" page of the Huddersfield Intellectual Property website at


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