New Blog: UK Inventor

Some of you will be aware that I have had the odd set to with Gary Holloway on IPR Talk until its immoderate little moderator peevishly rejected one of my posts on IP in Huddersfield and has so far refused to grovel in apology.

Anyway I learned today that Gary is a Yorkshireman. On one of his rare visits to the best county in the UK he called in to my chambers to say wish me a happy New Year.

During his visit he mentioned that he had started his own blog called "UK Inventor". I have just had a butcher's hook (as they say in the Smoke) and very good it is too. The best bits are three posts on why the UK is trailing the other industrial countries in patent applications. Gary makes the point some really good charts. What worries me is not so much that we are dropping behind Europe but that we about to be overtaken by China and Korea (see "RECORD NUMBER OF INTERNATIONAL PATENT FILINGS IN 2004" WIPO press release 9 March 2005). I've set my news aggregator to pick up Gary's feed and I shall link to it when I get a chance.


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