Patents: HMG's Ratification of Patent Law Treaty

The reason why last night's post was so short was that I could not get access to the WIPO website to link to the info on the Patent Law Treaty. Now I can and readers will see that it is essentially a procedural treaty to make it easier and hopefully cheaper to plough through the national or regional requirements. That ought to make it easier and cheaper for the little chaps of this world who come to people like me.

Recent changes to the Patent Rules by the Regulatory Reform (Patents) Order 2004 and Patents (Amendment) Rules 2004 mean that we don't actually have to do anything more to implement this treaty by the date it comes into force.

There are now a completely updated consolidation of the Patent Rules 2000 on the Patent Office website. Anybody who wants to know about any of this stuff on any of those points, feel free to call me on +44 (0)870 990 5081/


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