General Gossip: wiki revisions, EPC2000, my wonderful MP and the Copyright Act 1956

Just to let you know that I have uploaded the passing off page in the brands tree of WikIP.

Just in case you missed it, the revisions to the European Patent Convention agreed at Munich on 29 Nov 2000 came into force yesterday. It's already spawned the Patents Act 2004. If you want a belly laugh just look at the sort of guff that our wonderful government trumpeted in its press release (see Lord Triesman's press release on the UK-IPO website). Not a word about art 2 of the Protocol on the Interpretation of art 69 EPC you'll notice. They talk about nothing else in Slaithwaite Working Men's Club. A free Granges pork pie by the way, for the first reader not of West Riding residence or provenance to ring me up with the correct pronunciation of Slaithwaite. Clue, a pompous specimen of the young bar from the Smoke called Braithwaite got very tetchy when I referred to him as "my learned friend Mr Browit". Not surprising really when you think about the total lack of interest in intellectual property shown by my MP. Fortunately, one of the contenders for her job actually does know a thing or two about patents having managed a technology based small business.

Finally, one very welcome development on the OPSI website I've just noticed is that they've uploaded some pre-1988 legislation including the 1956 Copyright Act. It's surprising how often one still needs to refer to it. Only last week I had to look up the old law on Crown copyright. A number of other statutes which I consult frequently are also there including the Partnership Act 1890, the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 and the Insolvency Act 1986. Shouldn't have bought Halsbury's Statutes should I.


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