Pork Pie Winner

I am glad to announce a winner of my pork pie offer. The first and so far only person outside West Yorkshire to pronounce Slaithwaite like a local is Mrs Jean Sutherland. Jean is a Scottish solicitor of West Country and North British provenance residing and domiciled in Caledonia. Having said that, she did go to school in Harrogate and lived in Elland for a while. Nevertheless she qualifies for the prize and if E. Grange & Son do mail order one of their biggest and juiciest pies is on its way to the homeland of Barney and Beazley's new friend.


Cameron said…
Slough-it, obviously.
John Lambert said…
Actually there is an alternative local pronunciation, "Slath" (short "A" as in "GRASS") and "Wait". I would have accepted either. Your pronunciaiton is more common north of the A62 (Manchester-Huddersfield road) whereas the alternative pronunciation is heard in the rather posher houses to the south. Wouldn't like to speculate how our brilliant MP pronounces the word as she's a comer-in.

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