IP/it Update: Copyright Updates

I have updated and transposed two articles which used to be on the old Kingsgate blog.

The first is on Enforcement. I first wrote that page in 2002 and the main changes have been the expansion of paragraph 4 of PD-Protocols and Michael Skrein's excellent Code of Practice for Pre-Action Conduct in IP Disputes. I refer to it every time I settle a letter of claim or indeed letter of response and can't understand why more practitioners don't do likewise.

The other article is my old case note on Canon Kabushiki Kaisha v Green Cartridge Co. (Hong Kong) Ltd [1997] UKPC 19 (30 April, 1997) which more or less put the lid on the British Leyland defence. It is still an important case.

I know there are several important decisions of the CA and Chancery Division including one patent case to be discussed. I will get round to them. I am just rushed off my feet right now working round the clock.


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