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I am grateful to Dennis Crouch of the excellent American blog Patently O for attracting my attention to a wonderful new resource offered by US patent attorney James Hawes ("Website: Comprehensive Intellectual Property Law Book Reviews"). I have visited Mr Hawes's site and recommend it.

More than 170 IP law and practice books are said to be reviewed on that website. They are arranged in 4 main groups "Patents", "Trade Marks", "Copyrights" and "Licensing" (all of which are subdivided) and smaller groups for trade secrets, unfair competition and anti-trust and general and miscellaneous. There are a few titles on foreign law but the only one on English law that I refer to occasionally is the "CIPA European Patents Handbook". However, there were plenty of US authors we know well on this side of the Atlantic such as Nimmer and Scott.

I have bookmarked this site and it will certainly be my first port of call when I require further elucidation on what is to European eyes a very exotic jurisprudence.


jim hawes said…
John - Thank you very much for the mention of the site, and for the nice things you had to say about it. If you see any way it can be improved, or made more helpful to US IP attorneys, I hope you will let me know. Jim Hawes

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