Patents: ‘All You Are Ever Likely to Need to Know About Patents So long As You Stay In Manchester’

My rather cheekily entitled presentation to Manchester Law Society on basic patents which I gave at the Friends Meeting House at Mount Street on 15 February 2006 is now up on our IP/it-Update website. We did not exactly have a bumper turnout but what we lacked in numbers we certainly made up for in quality.

The meeting was chaired by one of my old instructing solicitors, Tony Healy (formerly of Vaudreys but now at the Bar - the KRO Bar that is - not the Baa bar as Ilanah Simon once called my branch of the legal profession) and we had an interesting question from a young lady from Pannones. One of the chaps who had been booked for the talk and whom I had been looking forward to seeing again was another of my old clients (formerly of Keoghs and one or two other firms since) who subscribes to this blog. Like the lady solicitor in Dundee he is also pretty good at German and I am sure he would help those who want to consult the German patent office's football website. For him and everyone else, this presentation contains the talk and handout.

One feature that I tried for the first time at this presentation was to give away a 3.5" disc with the presentation including the notes page instead of a printed handout. Printed handouts get lost and you never really follow the references. I have also inserted hypertext links into the presentation some of which lead to pages on my IP/it-Update website where there are already a lot of links - and some to the Patent Office and many other peoples' websites.

The Manchester Law Society has very very kindly contributed their proceeds from the talk to the Barristers' and Solicitors' Benevolent Associations in equal shares.


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