Copyright: IP/IT-Update

I have revised and uploaded three pages from the old Kingsgate Chambers website today: criminal liability, first ownership and Crown and Parliamentary copyright.

The criminal liability page complements a presentation that Lois gave to Langleys last year. I also spoke to them and our combined handout is also accessible from that page.

Crown and Parliamentary copyright is a singularity of English copyright law. It also exists in one or two other commonwealth countries but there is no equivalent so far as I am aware in the US Act. Since the Crown is a big purchaser of software for defence and health care, Crown copyright can still impact on computer supply contract. However, it is less important than it was under the 1956 Act when copyright in work commissioned by the government passed automatically to the Crown with often unforeseen consequences.

PS. Since posting this note, I have added "Copyright and Rights in Performances: The New Law", a presentation that Alex and I did a couple of years ago to the site.


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