IP Centre of Excellence for the North

A post from my public access blog which should interest readers here is that the IP Centre of Excellence for the North (which I have mentioned many times before) now has a website at www.ipcex.org.uk. Not only that, but it has announced 3 super events:

- 30 March 2006 "Freedom of Information 15 Months on" in Manchester arranged by Dai Davis with Gerrard Tracey and Ibrahim Hassan as speakers;
- 10 May 2006 "ADR and Arbitration if IP Disputes" in Leeds (speakers Ignacio de Castro of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Centre, Felicity Brandwood of NCC and Sara Ludlam of Keeble Hawson; and
- 15 June 2006 Jeremy Phillips "Five Live Issues in IP" , Leeds .

Details are available on the other blog or the "Forthcoming Events" website at http://www.ipcex.org.uk/upcome.htm. Call me on 0870 990 5081 or email me on johnlambert@ipcex.org.uk ASAP as space is very limited.


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