Politics: The Campbell is coming

It is not often that this blog condescends to party politics but we make an exception this time to congratulate Sir Menzies Campbell on his election as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

The reason we do so is that there are some very, very tenuous connections between Sir Menzies and these chambers. The first is that he was Richard Aird's devil or pupil master. I actually joined the Faculty of Advocates as an intern and served a mini-pupillage under Richard some 10 years ago and it is not altogether impossible that some of Sir Menzies's wisdom may have trickled down to me. The second is that my university is in his constituency. The third is that he and I were graduate students in California though not at the same time nor at the same university. He went to Stanford while I went to UCLA.

IMHO he was by far the best of the three candidates that the Liberals had to consider. With all respect to Dave and Gordon I think they had a better choice than had the Tories or, indeed, the Labour Party had, or is likely to have if, indeed, its members ever have a choice at all.


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