China: Happy New Year - see you in Chongqing

The reason everything is in red and gold is that today is the Chinese New Year and those are the colours for celebration. I should like to wish all my readers - especially those from China - a very happy New Year.

As I have mentioned several times my chambers are very interested in China and we have recently published our Mandarin brochure. That brochure was put together by Wei Huang who represents us in that increasingly important market.

Wei and her husband Ron Jones have put together a really good workshop on Chinese IP law in Chongqing in south west China between 10 and 18 Nov 2007. The Workshop will take place at the Chongqing Marriott Hotel and speakers include academics from Southwestern University Law School, local IP professionals and a judge of the local patents court. The event is hosted by the Chongqing Municipal Intellectual Property Bureau.

The workshop is intended to give UK and European patent agents and lawyers a deeper understanding of how to collaborate with Chinese professionals on establishing and enforcing IPR in China. Although comparisons will be made primarily with European law it should still be useful for professionals of other jurisdictions, particularly those in Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America which are developing more and more business with China.

How much? I hear you say. The cost of the course will be £1700 +VAT which will include a total of 30 hours of “classroom” tuition, all lunches and coffee, bed and breakfast accommodation at the Marriott, transport from and to the Airport, two formal evening banquets, plus a visit to the old Town for a Chongqing Hot Pot followed by Theatre afterwards and a Boat Trip and meal on the Yangtze. Ron and Wei are applying for CPD points for the Bar, Law Society, CIPA and ITMA.

Further information can be obtained from Wei on +44 017684 86810 or email


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