IP Awareness Day: Nether Alderley

Today I attended the Patent Offices's first IP Awareness seminar at Alderley Park, Astra Zeneca's campus just in Cheshire. I say "campus" because it resembles a whitebrick university like Warwick, Stirling or Lancaster. Like many of those seats of learning there is a stately pile at the heart of the complex. It was there that the seminar took place.

The seminar consisted of formal presentations by our hosts, Business Link, the Patent Office, CIPA, ITMA and others. There were opportunities for networking and one-to-one conferences with patent agents after lunch. The session was chaired by Miles Rees of the Patent Office who seems to have forgiven my mickey taking last year. Indeed, he very kindly gave me the "Counter Offensive" IP crime strategy pack.

Several of my old friends were there including Bill Downey of Wilson Gunn, Romemary Barker of Harrison Goodard Foote, Sally Cooper and Chris Browne of Manchester Central Library. I also met some very interesting business people from a wide range of industries many of whom had travelled very long distances. I was even drawn into the one-to-ones as there were more takers than patent agents.

Similar conferences are planned for North and South Wales and the West Midlands later in the year.


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