Introducing Toni Wilson

Hi! I thought I should introduce myself. Clients of nipc already know me. I manage chambers. Other chambers have clerks. We have a chambers manager and I am she. I'm the one who sends out horrible fee notes and appalling "A" and "B" Letters when you haven't squeezed quite enough interest out of your premium clients' accounts. Unlike one or two of the more traditional clerks clerks, I don't have a cockney accent, I don't go drinking in the Cock, Dev or Witness Box, I am nearly always at the end of the phone between 12 and 3 pm and above all I am legally qualified so I know what a piece of work is really worth and don't agree silly fees.

So what am I going to write about? Well, although I shall be keeping an eye on such sites as BAILII, DeCaff, OPSI and the Patent Office (while it still exists) and possibly even mentioning the odd new case or piece of legislation if there is nobody else to do it, I shall be concentrating more on the practical side of legal practice. For instance, I shall be following the passage of the Legal Services Bill and considering some of the threats and opportunities that this legislation presents. I shall be talking about the way that the legal profession in general and the Bar in particular is developing in this little corner of England. I shall also be publicizing some of the activities of chambers - the odd talk here and there, new publications, news of chambers members and some of the funny things that happen in the law in the course of the day. By funny I mean funny ha-ha and funny peculiar.

Why haven't I got a picture or detailed profile up? Well why should I? I might get round to it. But then again I might not."


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