Manchester Patent Library: Patent Search and Market Research Workshops

If I had a pound for every time a client tells me that he has a world shattering invention "which will solve the energy crisis and assure world peace" I would not need to practise law. When I or someone else asks whether he has done a search the usual reply is "Oh, I never thought of that. How do you do that lad?"

Well now the wonderful Chris Brown of Manchester Patent Library will show all you budding Dysons and Baylises how. She offers two free workshops - one on patent searching and the other on market research and business information. And it won't cost you a bean. If this opportunity were in Yorkshire or indeed Scotland there would be a queue a mile long by now.

For more info call Chris Brown, Information Officer Intellectual Property Libraries and Theatres department, Manchester PATLIB Central Library, St. Peter's Square, Manchester M2 5PD Tel/ Fax: 0161 234 1397 E-mail:


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