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Not all blogs on intellectual property and information technology law come from advanced industrial countries. I have just come across one from La Reunion, a small island in the Indian Ocean administered by France, run by Sulliman Omarjee. The title of Sulliman's blog is "Propriete Intellectuelle et Nouvelles Technologies".

The notes in the side bar explain that it is devoted to raising his compatriots' awareness of the fascinating subject of information and communications technology law. That may be a mistranslation because the adjective that Sulliman actually uses to describe the subject is "passionnate". My lips started to curl into a smile as I was reminded of Sergeant Sullivan's celebrated put down to a rather pompous judge about an abstruse point of law that in the drinking places of a particularly remote part of Ireland from where his client hailed they talked of nothing else.

However, frivolity aside, this blog is good. To give some idea of the quality, his latest post discusses the reasonableness or otherwise of the AOL and Tiscali standard terms. Others include a decision of the Cour de Cassation on information theft by an employee, the Commission's proposal for a second enforcement directive (a matter I have also addressed in my very first post to this blog), peer to peer copying and much, much more.

Most of the posts are in French but one or two are in English. "Is downloading of copyrighted files covered by the french harbour of private copy ?" which discusses some French case law on the fair dealing exception in the French copyright law is a case in point. Altogether very good stuff. Again, as they say in the Michelin guide, "vaut le voyage".


Well i did not hav the chance to meet that Sergeant Sullivan yet nor do i know about that abstruse point of law relating to drinking places in Ireland u mentionned!

Nevertheless, i m glad that you find my blog interesting and i m very flatered for the kind words you used to describe my contributions. Thank you for recomending my blog to the visitors of your blog. And i do understand that your french must be particurlalry good if u managed to translate my texts so well.

I am also extremely happy to discover your blog and website which demonstrate to be a valuable source of information about what s goin on in the UK on this specific topic. Indeed, i am very interested in following legal development in other countries, and specially in the uk for which i keep a strong attachment since the time i was studying IP there (in Preston Uni, next to Manchester!).

I hope we will be able to share more information about this evolution of our societies within the digital era.

Best regards

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