Thanks Ilanah, Jeremy, Lee and Delia

The nice people at IPKat said some really kind things about my blog and website and wished me luck last week. Thanks Ilanah and Jeremy.

I should have acknowledged them sooner but I only found out about their remarks yesterday through an email from Lee Curtis of Pinsent Masons. Thanks Lee. I did not expect to be noticed so soon.

I tried to leave a message on IPKat and even joined the IPKat group to do it. However, some officious IPBot said that I didn't have sufficient permission for that. Ilanah and Jeremy will therefore have to make do with this post and yesterday's email, at least for the time being.

I have been a fan of Jeremy and Ilanah's blog ever since it started. I have also read a lot of other publications by one or other of them over the years.

Another person I should like to thank is Delia Venables for her mention. I think we all owe a lot to her. She has been prominent in computer law for many years. The first time I came across her was as one of the expert witnesses in Mackenzie Patten & Co. v British Olivetti Ltd., (unreported Michael Davies J 11 Jan 1984) one of the first (if not the first) computer supply case in England and Wales. Those with long memories will remember that it was the case about the retired zoo keeper who never learned how to operate a solicitors' accounting system. I read that case because Butterworths had commissioned me to write the first chapters on computer law and data proteciton for Atkin's Court Forms and the Encyclopedia of Forms & Precedents. Delia's website on lawyers' websites had many of the characteristics of the modern blog long before blogs were invented.


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