IP 101

It is a convention in the USA to list the introductory course to any subject in its timetable as "101". Thus, "French 101" covers the rudiments of French grammar, like gender and the auxiliary verbs, and basic pronunciation.

As I practise in a small town 300 kilometres from London that has never had a barristers' chambers let alone a patent set before, much of my work is awareness raising. Through initiatives like HIP (Huddersfield Intellectual Property Forum) I remind my neighbours in the Huddersfield Media Centre and the Huddersfield Business Generator of the need to protect their brands, designs, technologies and creative works. A lot of people ask me such questions as "just how do you copyright a program" or "how do you apply for a patent, trade mark or registered design". For them, I have produced "IP 101" or "Acquiring IP" on my .law.pro site. It supplements "Applying for a Trade Mark" on my IP/IT Update site, which is intended primarily for local solicitors and others with some basic legal knowledge. I have an "Applying for a patent" and "Applying for a registered design" somewhere on the internet. I shall try to locate them over this bank holiday weekend.

I know this is very basic stuff for you very bright chaps in Australia and the USA who have sent me some kind emails about this blog, but IP101 is not for you. It is meant for the young graduates and fashion designers in the Media Centre or Textile Centre of Excellence who are trying to establish them in a very competitive environment.

Finally, I wish any of my fellow compatriots who may be reading this post a very pleasant August bank holiday weekend. For those in London I hope it stays fine for the Notting Hill Carnival. I also wish my American friends a very pleasant Labour Day for next week. Pace friends in Australia, I hope it stays fine in Trent Bridge. It's not often we have a test (cricket) team that plays so well.


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