HIP, HIP Hooray from Huddersfield

HIP stands for Huddersfield Intellectual Property Forum. HIP was set up a year ago at a meeting of representatives of local solicitors, patent agents, Business Link West Yorkshire, the local chamber of commerce and university. Its object is to raise awareness of the need to protect and exploit investment in brands, design, technology and the arts.

Huddersfield has a lot to be proud of - The Huddersfield Choral Society, the annual Contemporary Music Festival, The Textile Centre of Excellence, The Media Centre and a University with a rapidly growing reputation, particularly in business, engineering and design. We also have living among us Peter Bissell, the author of "A Better Mousetrap" and "the Business of Invention", both excellent primers for inventors. They have been commended by Business Link, the Chartered institute of Patent Agents and many others. Consequently, the town and its industries have a lot of intellectual property to protect.

HIP's activities this year include "Brass from Gumption" on 18 Feb. This was an all day open day of seminars, exhibitions, patent searches, patent clinics and a simulated "Baylis Breakout" by wind up radio inventor, Trevor Baylis. Another activity is the website to which I have added information, resources, news and events pages which should interest people far beyond Huddersfield.


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