Back from the Smoke

The reason why this post is so late is that I have only just come back from a day in London. I was there to make a video on domain names for the Einstein Network. It was almost my first time on the small screen and I was very nervous.

It was almost my first contact with the Einstein Network. I have checked through some of their other offerings on the law and have found some useful stuff. Jonathan Barnes of 5 Raymond Buildings has made a cassette on Douglas v Hello [2005] EWCA Civ 595, Daniel Beard of Monckton on Damages in Competition Law and Keith Weatherspoon of Freshfields on Freedom of Information. I feel flattered to join such eminent company.

The filming, which took place in Victoria near the Treasury Solicitor's Department, finished at noon. The route back to my flat in Clifford's Inn took me past the Ashes victory celebration and I caught a glimpse of the players' coaches returning from The Strand. While I am as delighted as anyone that England has finally won a series against Australia, I was not tempted to join in the party. With a considerably larger population than that of Australia, I take the view that England should win more often.


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