Telecommunications Regulation: VOIP not subject to National Telecommunications Regulation

The Information Society Commissioner has approved plans by the French posts and tele-communications regulator, ARCEP (Autorité de Régulation des Communications Electroniques et des Postes), to exempt voice over internet protocol and voice over broadband services from telecommunications regulation.

The reasons for the decision are that:

- voice over broadband services are provided by access lines that are already regulated; and
- such service can also be provided by any access provider (that is to say, a traditional telco).

This decision comes more than a year after ARCEP's submission to the Commission (a copy of which can be downloaded from ARCEP's website).

The ARCEP site seems rather more interesting than the Offcom site. For a start they have quite a good blog. They have also bothered to translate much of their material into English and German.


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