28 September 2005

Choosing Trade Marks and other American Wisdom

Trade Marks
Although written from a US perspective, there is an interesting article by Stacey Friends entitled "Name game: Tips for choosing a trademark" in Boston Bizwoman. On today's home page of that same website incidentally there is a poll on "Do you have long term care insurance?". A staggering 77% either do not have such cover or do not know what it is. Bearing in mind that this website is aimed at business women who can be expected to be better informed and better able to afford insurance than most other groups, I rejoice in the fact that I live in a country that still has a welfare state despite its limitations.

Tod Mayover, whose IP Counsel Blog I have commended more than once in the past, has an article on claim construction in the light of Phillips. v. AWH Corp. There is a lot of good stuff on his site.

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