IP in Mauritius

My colleague Sulliman from La Reunion has posted a notice about an IP seminar at the French embassy in Mauritius which took place today. Too bad he didn't mention it earlier because we would all have fancied a junket out to the Indian Ocean. He has linked to the website of the Mauritius Chamber of Commerce which promises a really good programme.

Mauritius is an interesting place. It is next door to La Reunion and the first language of most of its people is still French. Although it is in the Commonwealth its legal system appears to have a lot of French influences. For instance, in Sun Insurance Company Ltd v Seagull Insurance Company Ltd and another, a recent road traffic case, the magistrate talks about the need to prove "faute". According to the WIPO, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and International Trade is responsible for intellectual property on the island. I searched the ministry website on the governmental portal but came back none the wiser. Maybe Sulliman can help.

Until it became a republic in 1992 the Privy Council was the court of last resort for Mauritius. There were always quite a few interesting cases from that part of the world, some of them requiring their lordships to consider French authorities. There were also quite a few Mauritian students at the Inns of Court, particularly Lincoln's. If any of them of my vintage read this blog, I should be glad to hear from them.


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