Competition: Case notes on Crane Wire, Wire Netting and Ladbroke Racing transposed

The Crane Hire (Stichting Certificatie Kraanverhuurbedrijf (SCK) and Federatie van Nederlandse Kraanbedrijven (FNK) v Commission of the European Communities), Wire Netting (C-219/95 P Ferriere Nord SpA v Commission [1997] ECR I-04411) and Ladbroke Racing Cases were three important decisions of the European Court. They concerned standardization, certification, ECSC policy and fines as well as other matters. I wrote a combined case note for our first and only European newsletter. It consisted of some 100 pages and I wrote, copied, posted it to 4,000 recipients when we were setting up these chambers. It put me off the road for a year. That was because I was so exhausted at the end of it that I fainted in Sainsbury's in Wakefield and had to be taken to Pinderfield's hospital. The doctors couldn't rule out epilepsy so I was off the road for a year. Glad to say I've had no recurrence though I still throw myself into my work.


Jean Sutherland said…
So learn from your experience! The average age of the solicitors in this month's Journal of the Law Society of Scotland obituaries column is 51.6.
You will no longer be able to educate the rest of us if you burn out through overwork, and you Blog is very helpful to us mere mortals!

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