Telecommunications Dispute Resolution: Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation ADR Centre

I have just had an email from Gregg Hunt of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators altering me to a speech that he gave to the Commonwealth Telecommunications Organisation ADR Centre on 8 Dec 2005. The dispute resolution clauses Gregg mentions are to be found on the "Resources" page of the CIArb website.

Although he doesn't mention it in his speech, the CIArb has set up a panel for the communications industry known known as the "Communications Providers ADR Service". If you visit the website you will see that it offers dispute resolution services right across the board including internet access and mobile telephony. Those services include mediation, adjudication and ENE. Referral clauses are available for all three methods of dispute resolution. I am a panel member as is Christopher Floyd QC and two big names from Manchester Clive Freedman QC and Michael Black QC.

Information about what I personally do in IP and telecommunications mediation and dispute resolution generally is available at the "Dispute Resolution" page of my chambers website.


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