The Human Touch

I had a call this afternoon from a solicitor called Justin Patten. He has a very good blog and an even better website. He rang to draw my attention to one of his own cases, a complaint by the painter Ed Miracle against the publisher of the best selling business book "The World is Flat". The irony of the case, says Justin, is that the author of that book excoriates IP infringement. Justin's case has already been picked up by The Times. It seems a very interesting case and I hope it will be resolved quickly and satisfactorily.

Justin practises in the style of "Human Law". He explains on his website that his firm explores the link between the law, technology and people." He promises "cost-effective solutions to clients on key legal issues affecting the digital economy" in particular employment law and intellectual property. He offers a couple of presentations and notes on employment issues. I wish him all the best.


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