Wikipedia comes of Age

Thanks to Mr Daniel Terdiman of ZD Net for the news that Wikipedia will no longer be open to all and sundry. Following criticism of some of the latest contributions the report announces that as of Monday anonymous users will not be allowed to create new articles. Only registered members will be able to do that.

It's good to be back in business on the blog even though the only reason I have spare time for it tonight is that I am not on the motorway on the way back from Staple Inn. I am still pretty peeved about missing the seminar. There were some speakers I really wanted to hear like Christopher Wadlow, Anna Carboni and indeed Jeremy Phillips. When there were still passing off applications in Manchester Wadlow's book on Passing off was my secret weapon because few of my opponents from the common law sets had heard of it and even fewer had actually bought it. As for Anna Carboni it is good to see someone coming to the Bar rather than leaving it. Perhaps I can persuade at least some of them to come to the North one of these days.


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