My Website

A year ago I bought one of the first domain names in England. The address is I uploaded a few pages shortly after I acquired it but not much more until I received a renewal reminder a few weeks ago. As the renewal fees for this domain are by no means cheap I decided that I might as well expand it to provide information that might be of some use to people who are actually looking for specialist counsel or indeed a specialist mediator or arbitrator.

The site is divided into 7 main sections and covers my chambers, practice, contentious work, non-contentious work, arbitration, mediation and other ADR, terms of work and contact details. I also have my bio and faq. The practice section is divided into my various practice areas - intellectual property, information and communications technology, media and entertainment and competition law. Some of these practice areas are broken down into sub-areas such as patents, copyrights, designs rights etc.

There is a similar breakdown of the contentious, non-contentious and dispute resolution sections. In each of those sections there is a case study of some work that I have actually done with a link to the transcript where possible. For instance, my case study for contentious patent work is Sapey v Trianco. As most non-contentious and dispute resolution work is confidential I can only describe the case in outline.

I tie up this website with materials on the IP/it-Update , Huddersfield IP Forum, this blog and other websites for which I am responsible. I shall publish news of updates of my website here just as I do for the IP/it-Update and chambers websites.


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