NIPC Radio: Programme No 2 - How the Law protects Investment in Brands

My second broadcast is up but I fear I have been far too ambitious. Instead of relying on the Windows "Sound Recorder" which I used yesterday for my Introduction to Intellectual Property Law which limited the recording to 60 seconds I downloaded the Audacity editing application. I spent much of today playing with it when I should have been working on an article for the Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice. The resulting file is 8 minutes long and took me over an hour to upload even on broadband. It does work. I have downloaded it from the Huddersfield Intellectual Property website.

Anyway, I have spoken about "How the Law protects Investment in Brands". Although it takes a bit of time to download it should be worth the wait. I have thought about what makes a brand and what sort of investment is required to create one. In my view, there's more to the topic than trade mark registration and passing off.

I am not sure when I shall get round to "How the law protects Investment in Design". Probably when I have found a way to speed up uploading and downloading. Perhaps I ought to investigate zip files. Any suggestions?


Matt Brubeck said…
Your file will be much much smaller (about one tenth the size!) if you use Ogg Vorbis or MP3 encoding instead of WAV.
John Lambert said…
Thanks for going to the trouble of checking out this file. As you can see, I downloaded your application only this morning and I am still very new to it. I will, however, try your suggestion.

Kind regards

John Lambert
James said…
For comparison, I tried compressing the file as a RAR archive (like a ZIP file but with better compression), Ogg Vorbis and MP3 - here are the resulting file sizes and the name of the tool used.

Original: 44.5 Mb
RAR: 28.2 Mb (WinRAR)
Ogg: 4.74 Mb (oggdropXPd)
MP3: 5.45 Mb (LameDropXPd)

The best bet is probably MP3: slightly less efficient, but almost everyone can play them without downloading anything extra. Just drop the .wav file onto the program's window, wait a few seconds and you have an MP3 version. Rather easier than installing the Audacity plugin, I think.
John Lambert said…
Thank you very much for your helpful suggestion.

John Lambert

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