Also from the Commonwealth - a Canadian Blog

I have just come across a good Canadian IP blog by Sander Gelsing called "Now, why didn't I think of that?" According to his bio, Sander practises with Sisson Warren Sinclair in Red Deer, Alberta as a barrister and solicitor, patent and trade mark agent.

Skimming through his blog the following took my fancy:
Canadian and U.S. Patent Law Differences on 11 Oct 2005 (a good cross-reference - to my untrained English eyes Canadian patent law looks even more different than American law);
Wyrd Trade-mark Lawsuit on 4 Oct 2005 about a claim by a Winnipeg folk group against Warner Brothers, Radiohead and Pulp for C$40 million and an order to prevent the latest Harry Potter movie from being shown in Canada (the comments are interesting too); and
Patents curb Competition on 27 Sep 2005 about Eli Lilly & Co. and Apotex Inc on the interrelation between IP and competition.

There is of course much, much more. I commend this site unhesitatingly.


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