Dennis Crocuch's Book Review

I should just like to mention that Dennis Crouch has started a book review page on his blog and has kicked off with "Patent it Yourself" by David Pressman. I have referred to Dennis's blog several times before and to my mind it is one of the best on the internet. Certainly, his is the RSS feed that I look at first. As I have written a fuller post on my Invention blog I won't repeat myself here.

Also on that blog is a discussion of s.23 of the Patents Act 1977 as amended entitled "Restrictions on Applications for Patents Overseas". I wrote that article in response to a request to someone on Ideas 21's discussion forum "IPR Talk" which I thoroughly recommend. To give you some idea of the sort of topics discussed there, Linda Oakley has just started a thread on utility models. If you are not already a member, join.


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