New Australian IP News Service

I am indebted yet again to Stephen Nipper for drawing my attention to a new IP news site by the Australian Patent Information Centre in his post "New IP Kid on the Blawgk: Australian Patent Information Centre blog" on The Invent Blog. I have heard of "blogs" and even "blawgs" not I am not sure what a "Blawgk" is. The context suggests a space on the Internet for lawyers who write blogs about the law.

Returning to the Australian site, the blurb says that it is brought by IP Organisers and IP Menu and that it will provide details of the latest Patent Office, Federal Court and High Court cases and IP news from Australia. "If it is Australian and has anything to do with patents, [we] will find it here." Its RSS feed is IP Organisers offer intellectual property support to patent agents, lawyers and others including research, investigation, management, commercialization, auditing and discovery. IP Organisers Pty Ltd is also the company that produces IP Menu, which Stephen rightly commended as an excellent source.


Nipper said…
American pop is a reference to 1980's pop band "New Kids on the Block " (
John Lambert said…
Thanks, Stephen. You are teaching me a whole new vocabulary for which I am grateful.

I think "doozie" was the last neologism I learned from your blog on 8 September 2005.
Nipper said…
Here's a likely source of doozie/doozy/Dusey:

Anytime I slip into young American slang that makes no sense...feel free to ask me what I am talking about. Steve
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