IP Counsel Blog: Letter From Father To Son: How To Succeed As A Lawyer

I have mentioned Tod Mayover's excellent blog more than once before (see Choosing Trade Marks and other American Wisdom, Computer Contracts Updates and Contract Drafting: it comes to something when an American tells us how to use our Language). Now he has come up with another pithy and though provoking post, "Letter From Father To Son: How To Succeed As A Lawyer".

I have had too many pupils over the last 12 years or so to take another, but if I did another pupil I think I would give the advice that appears on Tod's blog. Tod says: "I recognize that some of this advice might seem out of place in today’s world because society is much more competitive and financially driven than it was forty years ago. But wouldn’t it be nice to expect these same virtues from our fellow men today as our fathers did many years before!" I am not sure that I agree with him on that one. I think the pressures of today make the advice more apposite than ever.


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