Ranbaxy Case: A US Perspective

I should just mention that an interesting US comment on Ranbaxy UK Ltd and another v Warner-Lambert Company [2005] EWHC 2142 (Patents) (12 Oct 2005) appeared on Patent Baristas overnight. Stephen Albainy-Jenei reported the decision in "Pfizer wins one/Loses one in UK Suit over Lipitor" and added some useful information about the parallel litigation in the USA. In particular the note summarizes the prior art which makes it much easier to absorb the revocation part of Mr Justice Pumfrey's decision. Anyone who wants to analyse the English case would benefit from reading Stephen's note. It is also clear that the same issues arise in the American proceedings as in the revocation part of the Ranbaxy case and in Stephen's view the decision in the US District Court is likely to go the same way. On verra.


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