Meltuse: new Art Gallery in Bradford

I know that this has only the most peripheral connection with intellectual property a\t this moment, but it shows that my chambers manager and I have a life. We attended the opening of the Maltuse Gallery at Bradford this afternoon. The Gallery is situated in Little Germany, a regeneration area to the east of the city centre where the Chamber of Commerce, Business Link and quite a lot of professional firms are to be found.

Yasmin Jaswal, the proprietor of the gallery, told me that she had been in Bradford for only a year. She had previously lived in Kenya. Her exhibition included plenty of handicrafts from African artists as well as paintings and other work by South Asian and British artists.

There is a lot going on in the arts in Bradford. The creative industries have a very active forum in Bmedi@, the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television and wonderful initiatives like David Robertson Brown's Gumption. We wish Yasmin and her husband all the best with their new initiative.


sasha said…
oh i saw the gallery too. fantastic and innovative. i wish her well in her venture.

Anonymous said…
the gallery was and is beautiful. it was a great experience and it is full of inspiration. Yasmin is an extremely talented lady. good luck for the future.


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