NYSBA International Law and Practice Section: Fall Meeting in London

Yesterday, Jonathan Armstrong of the Leeds branch of Eversheds LLP sent me the programme for the Fall Meeting of the International Law and Practice Section of the New York State Bar Association which will take place in London between 18 and 23 Oct 2005. Jonathan is on the steering committee of that meeting and he and his colleagues have to be congratulated on a very interesting programme.

On the IP side there will be presentations by Stephen Probert of the Patent Office and Tim Frain of Nokia on cross-border protection for IP between 10:00 and 11:15 on 20 Oct. Jonathan himself will be co-chairing the data protection session between 13:20 and 14:35 on 21 Oct. Speakers include the Dutch Information Commissioner and Sue Gold of The Walt Disney Co. The title of the session is "Data Protection and Global Uncertainty: Examining the Legal and Political Basis for Collaboration". No doubt much of this will be on "Safe Harbor". It will be interesting to see how that accommodation is working out in practice from the perspectives of a national regulator and the British subsidiary of a large US company. Also tempting is the antitrust offering between 10:50 and 12:05 the same day with speakers from Freshfields and the US Federal Trade Commission. There is a full social programme with a dinner in Lincoln's Inn Hall.

I am ashamed to say that Jonathan's email was the first I had heard of the conference, which is surprising given that there is substantial input from members of both branches of the English and Welsh legal profession. I checked the Bar Council's website to see what had been published and all I could find was a short notice referring barristers to Linda Castilla at the New York State Bar. There is an application form on the New York Bar's website which indicates that New York members can register for US$1,000 save those called after 2000 who are allowed in for US$500. If those rates apply to us, they seem very reasonable.

Sadly, I shall have to give this conference a miss this year as I will be at the WIPO domain name panellists annual get together in Geneva next week and it is difficult to justify two big conferences in the same week, but I hope that at least some of my readers will be tempted to attend the New York Bar conference.


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