Bitcoin - COPA v Wright

Author Satoshi Nakamoto Source Wikimedia   Jane Lambert Chancery Division (Mr Justice Mellor)  Crypto Open Patent Alliance v Wright [2024] EWHC 1198 (Ch) (20 May 2024 ) Bitcoin was the world's first cryptocurrency , a digital currency that does not depend on a government, bank or other central institution to function.  It is said to have been created by one Satoshi Nakamoto . Nobody knows the identity of that person or even whether that person is a single individual or a team.  An  Australian computer scientist called Craig Steven Wright  ("Dr Wright") claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto but his claim has been disputed by an organization called the Crypto Open Patents Alliance ("COPA") . By an action instituted on 9 April 2023, COPA alleged that Dr Wright was not  Sakamoto. Other Proceedings Dr Wright and two companies that he controlled called Wright International Investments Ltd. and Wright International Investments UK Ltd. responded by issuing passing-off proceed

Trade Marks: Lifestyle Equities v Ahmed

Lord Leggatt By Supreme Court of United Kingdom -  (see Terms and conditions) Licensed under the Open Government Licence 3.0, OGL 3,   Jane Lambert Supreme Court (Lords Lloyd-Jones, Kitchin, Leggatt, Stephens and Richards)  Lifestyle Equities CV and another v Ahmed and Another [2024] UKSC 17 (15 May 2024) This was the second excursion to the UK Supreme Court for Lifestyle Equities CV and Lifestyle Licensing BV ("Lifestyle")  in 2024.  Its first was Lifestyle Equities CV and another v Amazon UK Services Ltd and others [2024] UKSC 8 (6 Mar 2024) which I discussed in  Trade Marks: Lifestyle Equities v Amazon   on 12 March 2024.  As in the previous case, the claim that gave rise to these appeals was an action for trade mark infringement in relation to the BEVERLY HILLS POLO CLUB range of clothing and accessories.   The Issues The issues in the appeals were summarized by Lord Leggatt in the first paragraph of the Court'

Patents - Abbott Diabetes Care Inc v Dexcom Inc.

Author  Thirunavukkarasye-Raveendran   Licence CC BY- 4.0 Deed   Source Wikimedia Commons   Jane Lambert Patents Court (Mr Justice Mellor)  Abbott Diabetes Care Inc and others v Dexcom Incorporated and others   [2024] EWHC 36 (Pat) This was the first of three trials between Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. and its subsidiaries ("Abbott") and Dexcom Incorporated and its subsidiaries ("Dexcom") over patents owned by those companies in the field of continuous glucose monitoring ("CGM").  Abbott sued Dexcom for infringing  EP (UK) 2 146 627 ("EP627") entitled "Method and Apparatus for Providing Data Processing and Control in Medical Communication System"  and  EP (UK) 2 476 223 ("EP223") entitled "Methods and Articles of Manufacture for Hosting a Safety Critical Application on an Uncontrolled Data Processing Device ". Dexcom counterclaimed for revocation of both patents on grounds of lack of novelty  and inventive step and in