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Patents - Abbott Diabetes Care Inc v Dexcom Inc.

Author  Thirunavukkarasye-Raveendran   Licence CC BY- 4.0 Deed   Source Wikimedia Commons   Jane Lambert Patents Court (Mr Justice Mellor)  Abbott Diabetes Care Inc and others v Dexcom Incorporated and others   [2024] EWHC 36 (Pat) This was the first of three trials between Abbott Diabetes Care Inc. and its subsidiaries ("Abbott") and Dexcom Incorporated and its subsidiaries ("Dexcom") over patents owned by those companies in the field of continuous glucose monitoring ("CGM").  Abbott sued Dexcom for infringing  EP (UK) 2 146 627 ("EP627") entitled "Method and Apparatus for Providing Data Processing and Control in Medical Communication System"  and  EP (UK) 2 476 223 ("EP223") entitled "Methods and Articles of Manufacture for Hosting a Safety Critical Application on an Uncontrolled Data Processing Device ". Dexcom counterclaimed for revocation of both patents on grounds of lack of novelty  and inventive step and in

Patents and Registered Designs: Safestand Ltd v Weston Homes PLC

  Jane Lambert Patents Court (HH Judge Hacon)  Safestand Ltd v Weston Homes PLC and others [2023] EWHC 3250 (Pat) (19 Dec 2023) This was a claim by Safestand Limited ("Safestand") against Weston Homes Plc, Weston (Logistics) Limited. and Weston Group Limited ("the Weston companies" or "Weston") for patent and registered design infringement. There was also a counterclaim by Weston for revocation of the patents for obviousness and invalidation of the registered designs for want of unity and/or clarity and/or lack of novelty and/or individual character.  The action and counterclaim came before His Honour Judge Hacon sitting as a judge of the High Court between 8 and 19 June 2023.  He delivered judgment on 19 Dec 2023 (see Safestand Ltd v Weston Homes PLC and others [2023] EWHC 3250.  By para [254] of his judgment, he held that the patents were valid and infringed but the registered designs were invalid. The Patents Safestand's patents were  UK Patent No